DEPARTMENT OF Physical Education


Physical Education is the only education that takes care of the first component of the Body-Mind-Self complex or the Hand aspect of the Harmonious Development of the "Hand,Heart &Head",The Department of Physical Education came into existence with the appointment of a fully qualified Physical Education directress in 1987. It takes care of the Daily Physical Exercises of all the students o the college, trains and coaches players for various team games to participate in University, State or National level tournaments and conducts intramural competitions for the students and celebrates the Annual Sports Day.

        Outdoor courts for Volley Ball, Ball Badminton, and KhoKho and indoor facilities for Table Tennis and Chess are available.A 400 meters tracks a a unique feature in an arts and science college for women in the M.S.University.


Selvi. T.Nambiya @ Murugananhi

Designation : Physical Directress

Qualification : B.Sc.(Zoo),M.P.Ed. PGDEY

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Yoga Day Celebration(MSU)-2023
International Day of Yoga 21.06.2023
Celebration of National Sports Day

S.NO Name of Students/Team Class Name of the Competition Organizing Institution / Committee Awarded / Position Date / Year
1. P.Muthu Mari III Economics Marathon 50th National Cross Country Pune 40th Place 20-07-2024
2. 01-01-1970
3. E.Shanmugam II B.Com CA Tirunelveli Selected 01-01-1970
4. G.Sivarahini II B.Com CA M.D.T School Selected 01-01-1970
5. B.Bhuvaneshwari III B.Com Ball Badminton Senior Selection Selected 20-07-2024
6. N.Packiyalakshmi III Physics Shot Put National Level Women Competition Jammu Kashmir V Place 20-07-2024
7. Mysore Cash Prize 01-01-1970
8. A.Shakthi Devi III Physics Hockey C.M.Trophy Mysore University, Rs.75000 20-07-2024
9. N.Packiyalakshmi III Physics Shot Put I Place 01-01-1970
10. M.Sangeetha III C.S Discuss Throw II Place 01-01-1970
11. M.MuthamilSelvi III Economics Long Jump Palayamkottai III Place 01-01-1970
12. M.Ramya III Economics 100 Mts Anna Stadium II Place 01-01-1970
13. S.Radha III B.ComCA High Jump C.M.Trophy Athletics III Place 20-07-2024
14. Palayamkottai 01-01-1970
15. Anna Stadium 01-01-1970
16. A.Shakthi Devi III Physics Table Tennis C.M.Trophy II Place 20-07-2024
17. R.VenishaVenkates-hwari II B.Com 01-01-1970
18. N.Roja I BCA 01-01-1970
19. V.Kanaga II Physics 01-01-1970
20. S.Parasakthi II English 01-01-1970