Prayer Hall (Temple)

A temple is the centre for all parts of our everyday life in the community - religious, cultural, educational and social. It is also the place where divine knowledge can be discovered and one can excel in the world. Our lives are merely stages in the evolution to ultimate enlightenment. When so many people think of a common goal and then take steps to create positivity, there is a lot of positive energy generated.

Our College begins the day's activities by invoking the blessings of Kanthimathi Amman in the assembly prayer with the harmonious devotional songs sung by the college choir. It is followed by chanting of 'Gayathri mantra', meditation, reading of a good thought for the day and singing the college anthem to impart spiritual quotient. The whole atmosphere of the prayer hall is filled with divine peace and spiritual calmness even as the prayer songs are sung in unity. A booklet of these prayer songs are given to students for involving better in prayer.