Faculty Development Program

The Faculty members at our institution take part in the Faculty Development Programme each semester. The programme's goal is to improve the academic and intellectual environment in the institution by giving faculty members ample chances to do research and take part in seminars, conferences, and workshops. Faculty members' research and teaching abilities would be upgraded through participation in such a programme.

The Faculty Development Program (FDP) will address topics like technical education policy, new concepts, methods, and techniques, theory and skill development, upgrading of pedagogy and educational technology, motivation, communication skills, management, and other pertinent issues in order to keep up with the changing landscape in technical education.

The programme aims to improve the faculty's pedagogical and other skills and familiarise them with teaching strategies and resources. It offers a chance to learn more about recent technological advancements in pertinent domains. In addition to advancing professional practises pertinent to technical education, it will inspire the faculty to create a competitive atmosphere for teaching and learning, directing growth in terms of academic qualifications. In the process of faculty development, professors systematically endeavour to develop their abilities in the following aspects:

  • Research, professionalism, evaluation of instruction,
  • Pedagogical Expertise,
  • Leadership Qualities
  • Competencies required for academic activities,
  • Individual Development,
  • Technical proficiency and instruction,
  • Substantial improvement in the educational context,
  • Learners' academic achievement,
  • Participate in group activities, form a team, and accomplish a shared objective;
  • Pulling what is finest from them.
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