The Digital Language Laboratory Provides resources, facilities and support for learning to the Student community. It is to help children of all levels of education by emphasizing the four core language skills namely listening, speaking, reading and writing (LSRW). It is the multilingual computing and assessment centre of the institute. It boosts students' written and oral communication abilities. It demonstrates how to utilize English in everyday situations. By using the lab, students can strengthen their language skills, boost their confidence, and prepare for obstacles in the real world like dealing with interviews, giving presentations, expressing ideas, etc. Students use the Digital Language Lab actively engages in language learning activities and receive more practice than they would in a typical classroom setting. The software includes free study materials for independent study, assignments, audio and video presentations and clippings, among other things. All the facilities at the Digital Language Laboratory are proficiency-oriented, standard-based and nurture the students enthusiasm for gaining global exposure and proficiency in a foreign language.


  • To Train the students with Good communication skills.
  • To emphasize the need for English in the real contemporary World.
  • To provide innovative language learning activities
  • To help the students to acquire practical command of English
  • To enable the learner to communicate effectively and appropriately in real life situation:


  • To provide facilities to the students to learn in techno friendly Environment.
  • To help students in their personality development by improving their communication skills through Digital Language Lab.
  • To make students better professionals through better communication skills.


  • By helping the students to understand speak and write in English Language efficiently.
  • By making their career in India and abroad.
  • By guiding our students to build their stable future by using our expertise in imparting English Language Training.