Community Health Care Centre


Community health care centre extends its services towards the following services viz. Primary healthcare which refers to interventions that focus on the individual or family such as hand washing, immunization etc.

Secondary healthcare refers to those activities which focus on the environment such as draining puddles of water near the house, clearing bushes and spraying insecticides to control vectors like mosquitoes. Tertiary healthcare on the other hand refers to those interventions that take place in a hospital setting such as intravenous rehydration/ cleaning and dressing of surgical wounds. The community health care centre of our college is having the essential infrastructural provisions for above three levels of services.

A First Aid Kit is available in the Administrative Office. Swami Chidbhavananda Centenary Memorial Health Care Centre functioning in the campus offers necessary treatment for the needy day scholars as well as hostel residents. Auto or Vans can be availed in cases where urgent admission in a hospital is needed or if the sick student has to be entrusted to the care of her parents.

In charge Doctor: Dr.Ramasundari MBBS.,