Procedures and Polices

The design, architecture, and construction of college building is in such a way that maximum sun light reaches the floors and allows the circulation of natural air. The College plans in such a way that adequate physical infrastructure is made available and ensures its optimum utilization. The necessary infrastructure by means of classrooms, furniture, laboratories, computers, adequate books and journals are provided when a new course is introduced. Control panel is available to maintain voltage fluctuations. Electrical work and water supply system are monitored by qualified technicians. Safe drinking water through RO is supplied throughout the campus. Lab Assistants maintains the various life science laboratories and computer programmers look after the computer laboratories. Needed services whenever necessary are done by the service engineers. Repair works and maintenance of buildings are undertaken on regular basis. System administrators are appointed by the college to undertake maintenance service and upgrade computers, printers, scanners, wired and wireless computer network. The seminar hall, auditorium is used for conducting guest lectures, conferences, technical symposiums and cultural activities. To avoid confusions in the utility of seminar hall and auditorium separate log registers are maintained. All major equipment like air conditioners, photocopiers, camera, computers ,printers and scanners are serviced as and when need arises. Optimum working condition of equipment in the campus is ensured through annual maintenance contracts (AMC). The campus security is monitored with the help of CCTV surveillance cameras. Solar Panel is installed to save energy cost. House keeping is well carried out by the group of women. Our college library has an advisory committee which is supporting the function of library systematically. Every year the management allocates budget to purchase the resource such as books and furniture, book racks, Internet facility, e-journals, buildings etc… PESSY(Physical Education Sports Science Yoga) promotes active participation of students in international, national and intercollegiate tournaments.